“If your right eye causes you to sin, gouge it out and throw it away.”  Christ declared this in numerous passages throughout scripture. Modesty (dress-wise) is a relatively subjective, weighty, and sensitive subject. Modesty is, nevertheless, a subject that demands reflection and response for followers of Christ.  I have been in numerous situations where godly young men have presented the topic of modesty for discussion, whether asking my opinion, or reinforcing the fact that a man’s mind is biologically so different from a woman’s mind.  I am fully aware that this biological difference is not breaking news for you.  What I find comical is that many girls, after being confronted regarding their less-than modest apparel, have played the ignorance card.  I plead that more often than not, girls know exactly what they are doing when they get dressed. I feel that many girls have at least an idea of what a guy responds to.  This article is for followers of Christ who have responded to the grace of God and desire to live for His fame.  Could it be that if you do not give a flip about the purity of your brother’s mind that you possibly do not have a brother in Christ?  I am far, far from godly perfection, but I do know that after I was saved, I grew with love for my brothers who follow Christ, and I want to be about setting aside my own agenda for the sake of the body of Christ (1 Corinthians 10:31-33). Christ says that lusting after another is committing adultery in your heart (Matthew 5:28).  When a fourteen year- old girl gets dressed in less-than-modest apparel, I would be willing to bet that she is not picturing the sixty year- old man on the mall bench who very well may be lusting after her body.  What a nasty thing for me to say- could that ever even happen? The fourteen year- old girl most likely expects fifteen year-old boys as the only ones who could possibly notice or lust after her. 

Women want to be attractive. We want to be captivating.  We want to look put-together.  You have wasted your time reading my thoughts if you have perceived my opinion as suggesting that modesty should be boring or less-than trendy.  I enjoy fashion and have even done some modeling gigs.   Could it be that common trends that we are used to wearing are leading our brothers astray each day?  Our favorite trends often call for additional creativity.   Layering clothes, for example, is often a practical solution, and has been surveyed in more than one fashion magazine as more attractive to men.

Like all scripture, it is important to keep the culture, context, and background in mind when reading the following passage regarding sexual purity, leading others astray, and brotherly love:  1 Thessalonians 4:3-10.  The fact is that Christ has called women of all ages to be cautious and wise in the way we embrace culture and trends as we dress (1 Timothy 2:9). We must choose to treasure our witness, minds, the minds of men, and the holiness we are pursuing when daily considering modesty.  This is an honor issue.  It comes down to whether you are honoring God and others or not.  If we are going to view the way we live and dress through those lenses, it changes everything- especially modesty.

Karleigh Maze is a Sophomore at Mississippi College.
She's also Godly, gorgeous, & straight up genius.
Most importantly, she's my sister... and I couldn't be more proud.

Thanks, Karleigh!

Posted by Josh Maze at 11:01 AM